To say these are sad days would be an
understatement and only gloss over the
centuries of ignorance and prejudice
that brought us here.

We are heartbroken, at the unjust killing
of George Floyd. And, the conversations
happening right now are long overdue.

With love in our hearts, and peace as our
beacon, we have a responsibility to speak
up and take ownership of the change in
our society that is so desperately needed.

– The NYOS Family

NYOS - Vision


We’ve pondered a few business ideas over the years. But none felt quite right until the spark of inspiration ignited for NYOS.

We believe we are all here in this beautiful life to be of service to each other.

So we didn’t want to start just any business or sell meaningless products. We wanted to share with the world something that would enhance the lives of others while contributing to the support of this wonderful planet.

Hence, our vision is to share the amazing benefits of Premium Quality CBD.

We are working towards only using sustainable bottles, jars, and packaging to help support the environment. And we are also giving back by donating to some of the amazing organizations fighting to save our oceans.